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37,62 EUR*
Details Boat in a Bottle Ornament - Make It a Nautical Holiday - 3.75'' X 2.75 - Not Just for Christmas, Can Be Used As a Hanging Ornament - New by Beachcombers

Make It a Nautical Christmas;Boat in a Bottle Ornament;Approximately 3.75 Inches X 2.75 Inches;Not Just for Christmas, Can Be Used As a Hanging Ornament

106,59 EUR*
Details Leinwand-Bild 120 x 70 cm: "Ancient Boat in Oporto, in which was used to transport the Port", Bild auf Leinwand

Ihr ausgewähltes Motiv auf Leinwand in Top-Qualität- hochwertiger Leinwanddruck auf Canvas- verschiedene Formate möglich- echte Fineart-Qualität- wasserabweisend und UV-beständig- aufgezogen auf einen stabilen Holzkeilrahmen- mit Aufhängung geliefert ...

113,15 EUR*
Details Alu-Dibond-Bild 120 x 70 cm: "Ancient Boat in Oporto, in which was used to transport the Port", Bild auf Alu-Dibond

Lassen Sie sich verzaubern! Ihr ausgewähltes Motiv auf Alu-Dibond gedruckt für Ihr Zuhause.- 3 mm starkes Alu-Dibond- verschiedene Formate möglich- UV-Druck direkt auf das Material- wasserabweisend und UV-beständig- Einsatz für den Innen- und ...

13,97 EUR*
Details Music Sailing Boats

Music Sailing Boats are said to bring good luck and prosperity to house/home. It is used as the pen holder too. In addition, it also has music and It is made of plastic. The dimension of it is approx. 7" x 7" x 3". Note: No cover for the batteries at ...

14,92 EUR*
Details Teaching Art Boats in Watercolour (IKIBWD)

You will be enthralled by this DVD within the first minute. Ian has the ability to grab your attention and keep you interested whilst showing you various techniques and methods used to paint boats of all descriptions. His friendly and open style ...

49,99 EUR*

ABC Dry powder fire extinguisher a multi purpose extinguisher that can be used on class A,B and C type fires. This extinguisher comes with a 5 year warranty and is fully kitemarked to BS EN3 and is also CE marked ensuring the products quality and ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Queen Elizabeth II visit to GermanyA ferry boat took the Queen on her visit to Germany

Size 10.8" x 6.9"  The Mersey Ferry is a ferry service operating on the River Mersey in north west England, between Liverpool and Birkenhead/Wallasey on the Wirral Peninsula. Ferries have been used on this route since at least the 12th century, and ...

12,80 EUR*
Details Keeper 05626 Chrome Rope Cleat

The Keeper chrome rope cleat is a reliable piece of truck hardware that can also be used for boats and trailers.

14,87 EUR*
Details Bullseye Power Nozzle

1.25", Brass Power Nozzle, Adjusts From A Power Washer To A Heavy Spray, Pin Point Stream & Leak Proof Off, Ideal for Power Washing, Detailing, Cleaning Coils, Pool Filters, Boats, Decks, RVs, Used by Firefighters & Industry.

7,92 EUR*
Details Bulk Hardware 19 mm Reißzwecken Packung à 100 g, BH02182

Ideal for stage cloths, upholstery/carpet laying and for canvassing flat;Also popular with boat builders;Used for small projects around the house;19 mm with sharp point

24,06 EUR*
Details Keeper 05628 Chrome Fold Away Cleat, 2 Pack

The Keeper Chrome Fold-Away Cleat is a reliable piece of truck hardware that can also be used for boats and trailers. Its convenient fold away design gives a sleek line without sacraficing reliability or usability.

3,99 EUR*
Details Heavy-Duty Western Snaps 9/16" 4/Pkg-West Cal 45

DRITZ-Heavy duty western snaps for jackets, coats, ski wear, and boat covers. Can be used on reversible garments. Must be applied with Dritz Snap-A-Plier. Size: 9/16. Includes 4 per package.

19,90 EUR*
Details Leisure Time 3192 Cover Care and Conditioner, Pint

Leisure Time Cover Care Cover Care cleans, restores and protects spa covers from weathering, fading and discoloration. Specially formulated with a UV protectant. Cover Care can be used on all vinyl surfaces, including car interiors, boats, spa covers ...

23,59 EUR*
Details INFINITE INNOVATIONS INC - 2PK Bearing Protect Kit

2 Pack, 1.986" OD, Bearing Protector Set, With Rubber Cover, Drive In, For Trailer Hubs, Will Fit Any Hub That Requires This Size Cap, Designed With A Grease Fitting Used To Lubricate The Spindle Bearings Without Removing The Caps, Perfect For Boat Traile

22,55 EUR*
Details JELMAR - CLR 28-oz. Septic System Treatment

28 OZ, CLR Septic System Treatment, EPA's DFE Fromula For Safer Chemistry, This Pour & Go Product Goes To Work Instantly, Beginning To Biodegrade Grease & Organic Matter The Minute It Reaches The Septic Tank, Can Also Be Used As A Drain Opener & In Boat &

13,47 EUR*
Details The Final Voyage of the Sea Explorer

The Final Voyage of the Sea Explorer Josh Alexander embarked on a scuba diving vacation in the Bahamas aboard the Sea Explorer, a sailboat used for island hopping and scuba diving. What he didn't know was that the ocean would move the dive boat ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Crowded people on the port. 1971

Size 7.2" x 9.4"  Hellas is the original name for Greece, used as an archaic or poetic form in English, and to render the native Greek name ????? (Hellás, Modern Greek Ellás).people, Greece, Hellas, crowd, flags, riverside, river, ships, boats, port ...

6,12 EUR*
Details King Innovation 62110 Wire Connector, 300 to 600-volt, Orange, 6-Pack by King Innovation

It is a Aqua Blue/Orange, Safety Sealed Waterproof Wire Connector, 300-600V;It is Watertight/Raintight, Used In Irrigation, Trailers and Boats;It is UL Listed, CSA Certified, Carded.And 6 per package

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Colonial troops trying to get up from water.

Size 4.7" x 4.7"  Colonial troops trying to get up from water.Colonial troops or colonial army refers to various military units recruited from, or used as garrison troops in, colonial territories.people, men, together, sea, water, escape, boat, waves ...

17,55 EUR*
Details Cheery Lynn Designs "Angeln Boot" Sterben, Acryl, mehrfarbig, 4 0.125-inch X 875-inch

Cheery Lynn Designs-Die. Cheery Lynn Designs offers a wide selection of detailed, effective and dynamic designs to choose from! These dies can be used with most die-cutting machines. This 6-1/2x3 inch package contains Fishing Boat: four dies. Made in USA.

10,22 EUR*
Details Adlard Coles Book of EuroRegs for Inland Waterways: A Pleasure Boater's Guide to CEVNI

In order to safely navigate Europe's major waterway routes, all boaters need to know CEVNI - the Waterway Code - whose rules, signs, symbols and signals are understood and used by bargemasters and working vessels of all nationalities. This book has ...

58,60 EUR*
Details Lemax 14621 Ocean Display MAT Large Christmas Village Water Lake S Train by Lemax

May be used with Carole Towne, Lemax Christmas Village or other brands.;Part of the Christmas Village collection by Lemax.;Use it to landscape your town or village with the look of rippled water.;Unroll this vinyl mat and set your boats and nautical ...